Some of The Top Secrets About The Art of Feng Shui

shoji room dividersChances are, you have heard the term feng shui — and maybe even some gentle suggestions that it may improve matters in your home. When it comes down to it, however, most Americans don’t even know what it is. 

What does feng shui mean? “Feng shui means wind and water, and for centuries Chinese practitioners have believed that how a building is oriented, what you have in it, and where you place those things can change the balance and flow of energy through your house,” ABC News explains.

Embrace Natural Lighting
A simple rule of thumb is to prefer and embrace natural lighting whenever possible. “Open the windows often, introduce feng shui air-purifying plants or use an air-purifier,” suggests. Consider installing large bay windows when and if remodeling, or paint rooms white and/or decorate with large mirrors to create the illusion of even more natural light in your home.

It’s All About De-Cluttering Your Life
Another key component of feng shui is eliminating clutter. In order to attract good energy and love, experts recommend getting rid of objects you are not likely to use. Furthermore, keep rooms devoted to a particular purpose. Keep bedrooms about relaxation, love, and sleep, for example, by avoiding using your computer or laptop in bed. If your bedroom is connected to your living area, experts suggest using Japanese room dividers, or shoji room dividers, or curtains to separate the spaces. Shoji room dividers or shoji screens are typically made from attractive woods, like cypress or cedar. Different colors, styles, and materials are also available.

When In Doubt, Follow These Feng Shui Dos and Don’ts
What are some quick rules? According to ABC, feng shui experts advise against storing more than one pair of shoes near the door. They believe that all electronics, aside from lamps and lighting fixtures, should remain off bedside tables, and they suggest adding things like rock gardens to give bedrooms a more relaxing and nature-inspired feel.

Is it time to feng shui your home? Even if it’s not necessarily your thing, it will likely increase your home’s value when it comes time to sell. Keep homes spacious, relaxing, and attractive by eliminating clutter and separating rooms with shoji room dividers.

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